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going_backwards's Journal

we're all going backwards
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a graphics community

“what we have here is a dreamer”

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welcome to going_backwards, the graphics community by jassy (melas_2ndsoul) and avi (flyingharmony)! we're two girls, 20 and 18, from germany and austria, who're addicted to twilight and harry potter and love making graphics and, especially, participating in tons of 20in20 challenges.
feel free to join and watch this community, we'd love to see new members, everyone is welcome here, that's why we're a community!

da rules

001. please credit of course it's up to you who you credit. we don't mind whether you credit our personal journals or this community or both, although it would be better if you credited going_backwards. spread the word, bbs!

002. comments = ♥ we love comments as much as we adore making and publishing our graphics, so make please us happy! :)

003. hotlinking is evil don't. please. hotlinking is not a good thing, really. but what is hotlinking?

004. don't edit our work we usually don't do bases, so, as long we don't tell you that these are bases, don't edit our work. if you want to have anything changed for you, ask!

005. feel free to request! that's why you have (moderated) posting access. i don't know if jassy does either, but me, avi, i'd love to fulfill your requests, so don't hesitate to ask!

jassy . avi . layout credit . profile credit


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